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Where can I find the best card game deck box dividers ?

Where can I find the best card game deck box dividers ?

  • by Neil O'Sullivan

Where can I find the best card game deck box dividers ?

Arkham Horror Dividers

LCG deck box dividers are convenient for helping to organise your card collection . With deck box dividers, you will not have to spend ages searching for a particular card! They come in various designs, which make them look great, as well as the advantage of their functionality.

Below is our list of the best LCG deck box dividers. Choose any of them according to your needs and enhance your gaming experience now...

Arkham Horror LCG Deck Box Dividers

Paragon Star has one of the best Arkham Horror LCG deck box dividers available for sale. These deck box dividers are high-quality, and also have a unique design that makes them stand out. They come in two different dimensions. Vertical cards have 63mm width x 100mm length, while horizontal cards have 88mm width x 78mm length.

You can use these cards with your Arkham Horror storage boxes in order to keep your gaming card collection well maintained and organised. Thick art card (which is 350gsm thick) is used for these dividers. These cards are printed from both sides and have a glossy lamination for extra protection. For customers from all over the world, the dividers are available in English, French, and Spanish.

There are a total of 141 dividers in one package. These are the dividers for eight Arkham Horror campaigns. These campaigns include Core Set Investigator & Class Cards (37 dividers), Night of the Zealot (16 Dividers), the Dunwich Legacy (18 Dividers), Path to Carcosa (17 Dividers), the Forgotten Age (22 Dividers), Return to the Dunwich Legacy (14 Dividers), Standalone Adventures x 4 Includes Carnivale of Horrors / Curse of the Rougarou, Guardians of the Abyss, Labyrinths of Lunacy (11 Dividers), Return to the Night Of The Zealot (6 Dividers).

Lord of the Rings LCG Deck Box Dividers


LOTR Dividers

This amazing collection of 144 dividers by Paragon Star is suitable for the Lord of the Rings game card organizer boxes. These dividers also come in two dimensions. The dimensions are 63mm width x 100mm long for the vertical dividers, while for the horizontal dividers, the dimensions are 88mm width and 78mm length.

These cards are also manufactured with lamination on both sides, to ensure they remain in peak condition for years to come. Both sides of the dividers are printed to help with the usability of the deck box dividers, so they can be seen from both sides. The deck box dividers are printed in colour with 350gsm thick art card, which makes them high quality.


Dominion Game Card Dividers


Dominion Dividers

If you are tired of handling your huge Dominion card game collection, and need card dividers to help manage your collection, then make sure you buy these Dominion Game Card Dividers. When you use these dividers, you will notice that they dramatically speed up deck building & campaign preparation.

Paragon Star game card dividers are custom designed and are very reasonably priced. We would highly recommend any of these game card dividers to help organise your card collections.

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