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About Us

Paragon Star: Where Dreams Take Shape
In the quietude of 2019, our journey began—an unexpected odyssey fueled by passion and circumstance. Paragon Star emerged as a modest online haven for 3-D printed models. Little did we know that this seedling would sprout into something far more profound.

Origins Amidst Uncertainty:
The Covid years cast their shadow, and within that twilight, our venture took root. Initially, 3-D printing was a mere hobby—a creative dalliance that danced on the edges of our lives. But fate had other plans. As whispers of our models spread, demand surged like a cosmic tide, pulling us deeper into uncharted waters.

From Hobby to Home Business:
Our cozy abode became the nucleus of Paragon Star. Here, amidst the hum of 10 steadfast machines, we wove intricate designs into existence. From delicate 28 mm miniatures to towering structures reaching 9 inches, our home pulsed with the rhythm of creation. And when a design dared to dream beyond these earthly confines, we split it into celestial fragments, each piece a testament to our dedication.

Seeking Epic Allies:
But our story isn’t complete without you—the architects of imagination. Are you a 3-D designer, weaving constellations in your mind? We extend an open invitation to collaborate. Let’s birth wonders together. If there’s a design you yearn to see in our cosmic shop, share your vision. We’re all ears.

Reach Out:
Whether it’s a dragon, a starship, or something yet unimagined, Paragon Star awaits your signal. Let’s sculpt the cosmos, one filament at a time.

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