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DARKHEIM Collection by Rocket Pig Games

All around you stands the crumbling mazes of the Old Kingdoms: an impossibly vast sprawl of Gothic masonry, stained-glass, and decorative ironwork. Some have called it the pinnacle of humanity.  A time said to be when all rulers of the world unified under a revelation in faith and combined all efforts into establishing an earthly haven. A world city of towering cathedrals and colossal districts sized to that of entire cities. All of it, reduced to ruins laden with dust and long-dead husks of corrupted flesh.


Eldritch communion between dark sorcerers and unholy chaos from beyond the veil of the physical realm and blasphemous rituals of fanatical hate plague the land. The unfathomable force behind such great evils had believed to have triumphed over all that is and all that was. Still, behind desolate ruins and hidden underground, the last bastions of hope survive. Each day brings yet another veritable struggle, always on the precipice of despair. The world of Darkheim, as it is now called, is a world of grimdark with the faintest light of hope.

DARKHEIM Collection by Rocket Pig Games
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