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Harbingers Of The Apocalypse Collection

Harbingers Of The Apocalypse Collection Abaddon, Lucifer, The Four Horsemen, Charon the Ferryman, The Hell Mouth and more!

Nine highly detailed 1:12 scale models and busts for painters.

Harbingers Of The Apocalypse


  • The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - (Death, Famine, Pestilence, and War) 
  • Lucifer - (No Wings, 2 Wings, 4 Wings options)
  • Abaddon - Full Model including an alternate head
  • Abaddon's Three Hell Hounds can be used as separate models with optional, interlocking bases 
  • Charon The Ferryman (1:12 scale)
  • Hell Mouth (1:12 scale)


  • The Hell Bracelet (8 total charms) 
  • 4 Taxidermy Mounts of the Horses
  • Hell's Jewellery (+3 charms and Signet Ring) 
  • Abaddon and Lucifer Busts
  • 3 Headed Cerberus

Hellishly detailed surfaces, optimized for painters,  bring out realism and dimension in every sculpt - drybrush lovers, unite!

Models will require some easy assembly.

Harbingers Of The Apocalypse Collection
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