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Delve into the epic world of 3D models from Rocket Pig Games, Duncan “Shadow” Louca, and the captivating collections of Lost Souls and Harbingers Of The Apocalypse.

All of our models are made to order so can be created in any size you need. Chose from our awesome collection including;

Rocket Pig Games:
Rocket Pig Games offers an impressive array of 3D models designed specifically for tabletop gaming. Their collection includes intricate terrain pieces, fantastical creatures, and detailed characters.

Epic Model Kit Collection

Duncan “Shadow” Louca:
Duncan specializes in digital sculpting for 3D printing in the collectibles and toy industry.
His models are meticulously crafted, featuring stunning details and dynamic poses.
From towering Titans to fearsome Chaos Dreadnoughts

Darkheim Collection
Darkheim is planned to be a potential universe of dark fantasy and gothic horror. It is gradually being built to become a cohesive and iconic setting, decorated with plenty of detailed models and original lore. 

Lost Souls Collection:
Within this collection, you’ll find eerie and haunting figures—spectral beings, tormented souls, and otherworldly entities. These models are perfect for adding a touch of mystery and darkness to your tabletop adventures.

Harbingers Of The Apocalypse Collection:
Prepare for the end times with the Harbingers of the Apocalypse.
These models embody cosmic forces, ancient prophecies, and the struggle between light and darkness.

Hero Forge Bespoke Printing Service
Whether you are seek epic battles, haunting mysteries, or cosmic clashes, these 3D models will ignite your imagination and bring your tabletop games to life!

Tank Collection
Earthshakers to MII APCs we have a wide collections of military machinery

Wasteland War Machines
A detailed collections of war machines from a post-apocalyptic world

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