The Coffin Themed Mythic Mug with FREE Insert/Riser

The Coffin Themed Mythic Mug with FREE Insert/Riser

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Fromthe Ars Moriendi "Mythic Mugs" collection.

Any graveyard keeper would want this mug to quench their thirst after a long day digging graves!

Represent your hero with a personal mug designed specifically for their class. Conceal the beverage of your choice and make your cohorts envy one of the most decorative can holders on the market !

Mythic Mugs are available in many different colours for you to paint or enjoy as they are. Professionally 3D printed in a super high resolution (or 0.15mm layers for the techies)

There are two choices for each design available; With Lid and Without Lid)

Matching screw-on lids come as standard with the 'With Lid' option. Please feel free to mix and match with other themed lids – - just let me know in the comments section.

Mythic Mugs will fit a 500ml can as standard.

We will also send you one free insert/riser to fit your drink of choice.

Please let us know your choice from 355ml (12oz) bottles, 250ml (8.3oz), 300ml (10.1oz), 330ml 11.3oz) in the comments section, 330ml (11.3oz) slim, 355ml (12oz),355ml (12oz) slim, 375ml (12.7oz), 440ml (14.9oz) or 473ml (16oz).

Matching dice boxes are also available in the Mythic Mug section in our shop.

Worldwide low cost shipping.

The Mythic Mugs are designed to be can holders, not real drinking mugs or cups. We do NOT recommend to drink directly out of them

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