Cthulhu Idol Hand Painted / Turn Counter / Game Miniature / Arkham Horror LCG / Eldritch / Lovecraft

Cthulhu Idol Hand Painted / Turn Counter / Game Miniature / Arkham Horror LCG / Eldritch / Lovecraft

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Hand Painted Cthulhu statue for use in tabletop games or to simply display on its own!

Available hand painted or unpainted

The statue is painted in various shades to give a marbled effect. The base is highlighted in shades of bronze. There is a small mysterious ancient inscription at the foot of the statue.

Because of the unique shape of the base this can be used as a turn counter for Arkham Horror LCG and other games. Simply place the statue on your player card on your turn then rotate clockwise for each action taken.

Alternatively this statue can be used to represent any of the epic Cthulhu monsters encountered.

Size Options:

1. Miniature Model (75mm Tall x 25mm Wide x 35mm deep )

2. Statue, twice as tall as the miniature option.
(140mm Tall x 45mm Wide x 56mm Deep) Nearly 6 inches tall! See pic of unpainted figure for an idea of scale.

Available in 5 different colours or as a set of 5 representing each of the 5 Arkham Horror LCG classes. Red, Orange, Blue, Green & Purple.

Each statue is made in superfine detail using photo sensitive resin which takes 7-8 hours to create.

The statue is then cleaned and hardened using a UV light source before being painstakingly hand painted, varnished and packed ready to ship out to you !

Hand painted to order. Will Despatch within 1-2 days

Free Postage UK

Low cost standard international postage everywhere else.

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