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What are the Different Pieces for Dungeons & Dragons That You Will Need?

What are the Different Pieces for Dungeons & Dragons That You Will Need?

  • par Neil O'Sullivan


Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is a popular role-playing game. It was first released in 1974 and became the foundation for other role-playing games.

The game setup is like most role-playing games. You create your own hero by giving him different characteristics. Then that hero starts his journey in a fantasy world where he faces different challenges and completes tasks.

It is derived from the miniature tabletop war and battle games. You can get your own miniatures through 3D printing and create your own setup. Below is the list of the pieces or miniatures that players typically use in D&D.


There are many elements that come in handy while playing Dungeons & Dragons. If you are new to this game, then you may not be aware of these elements. So, here are the most common types of these elements or pieces.

Landscaping and props

Many elements fall in the landscaping and props category. These can be wood crates, water wells, dungeon tiles, campfires, barrels, and stalagmites, to name but a few.


Miniatures are the heroes that you create, monsters that you fight, non-player characters (NPCs) and animals.


There are different dice used in the game for different purposes. A dice is polyhedral, and determines events happening in the game. The abbreviation used for each dice is ‘d’. There is a number written besides ‘d’, which indicates how many sides the dice has. A common dice set can have d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d12 dice. You can use two d10 to create 100d dice, also called percentile dice.

Dice towers

Dice towers are designed to make rolling easy and fun for players. It has different styles of platforms. When you roll a dice on one platform of the tower, it bounces off the platform and then reaches the bottom.


Monsters make games more fun, intriguing and entertaining for players. So, why not use your creativity to design unique monsters for your Dungeons & Dragons game? It could be a monster that protects the hero from approaching dangers while he works on the puzzle. You can design these statues or monsters as you like.

Additional accessories

There are many other accessories that you can use to make the game more fun and interesting. It can be a dice tray, a dice-box, or DM screens.

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