Nyarlathotep - EPIC Sized Statue | Dungeons and dragons | Cthulhu Mythos | Pathfinder | War Gaming

Nyarlathotep - EPIC Sized Statue | Dungeons and dragons | Cthulhu Mythos | Pathfinder | War Gaming

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Another amazingly detailed miniature, designed by Rocket Pig Games.

A monstrous 8 Inches tall (260mm) !

(If you would like this any other size please just let me know, but some of the parts will become very small if scaled down too much) Bigger is no problem :-)

Please Note: This Model requires gluing & assembly and comes in 15 separate parts for all his appendages etc - see assembly image for details.

All models and parts come unpainted.

Flat rate low cost shipping, everywhere.

Overseas Orders: Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.

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Customer Reviews

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Richard Arbuthnott
Building one of HPL's visions

A nicely formed figure of a genuinely horrible entity, with interestingly muscled limbs and torso and a tongue of appropriately unpleasant nature.

The printing process gives it an almost unearthly finish which you have to be careful not to damage when sanding down.

The joint alignment cubes work well, except in the one case where the sockets are mis-aligned by 90 degrees, but this has been notified and will hopefully be corrected in future prints.

I was told when I inquired that no preparation was needed for the FDM printing material, but I discovered that a light sanding of the flat interfaces vastly improves the bonding time - to almost instantaneous - when using superglue, avoiding having to brace or hold the pieces for several minutes otherwise.

The finish on some parts includes some fibrous fraying which I presumed to be excess, rather than a feature, though it is very resistant to sanding, as are the joint areas, also made awkward by the above-mentioned musculature.

One feature I was puzzled by is the total lack of feet - all 12 of them! Maybe the figure is supposed to be standing in something, a pool perhaps, and I have to admit, I have no idea what these appendages would look like but their complete truncation seems a bit extreme. Were they too smelly to be included? Perhaps my imagination is lacking here...

All in all, the model is excellent an still providing me with entertainment and satisfaction, not being finished yet. A definite HPL fan and an afficiando of monstrous beings since my earliest D&D days, I'll definitely be revisiting this range of delightfully grotesque visualisations.